Xtreme Muscle Recovery Review

Today I am reviewing Xtreme Muscle Recovery, a three in one formula for boosting one’s workout. It promises to deliver healthy muscle bulk up results ….

Read on to know is it really that advantageous?

About this Supplement?

It is a dietary supplement that helps in muscle building and enhancing the results of a muscle building regime. It promises to boost testosterone, nitric oxide as well as human growth hormone in the body.

It claims to deliver these results:

  1. Lean muscle mass
  2. Decline in body fat
  3. Enhanced endurance
  4. Fast muscle results

Xtreme Muscle Recovery Ingredients

No ingredients information has been made public by the brand.

How Does Xtreme Muscle Recovery Work?

  1. Through it does not reveal ingredients, the official website states that it contains Testosterone, Nitric Oxide and Human Growth Hormone boosters.
  2. By boosting testosterone, it enhances one’s libido, stamina along with muscle mass formation. It improves one’s natural endurance levels and enables one to work harder.
  3. Nitric oxide enhancement in the body leads to higher blood flow which boots up the recovery mechanism and speeds up recovery. It further helps one build muscle through gaining muscle mass and it also increases alertness and concentration.
  4. Human growth hormone is the principle hormone that helps one gain lean muscle and it formulates within the body naturally while one’s relaxing.

More Details!

Serving form is capsule and contains 60 capsules in a 30 days supply pack.

Does It Work?

To check if it works, I decided to take a practical trial. The trial lasted for 30 days and during these 30 days, I maintained a rigorous workout regime and ate healthy diet. My regime included endurance training, weight training and cardio.

In the first 15 days, I sensed that my endurance levels were rising and I could lift heavier weights. In fact, I was able to do more reps per set now and was already working out 30 minutes extra without getting tired.

In the last 15 days, I felt quiet strong and was able to work out 45 minutes extra and my muscle didn’t hurt much after weight training. In fact, I grew muscular and looked strong.

Side Effects?

During my 30 days long trial, there was no occurrence of side effects.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, I would indeed. The supplement is worth a try at least.


  1. This is not for casual dieting
  2. Take a healthy diet and follow a workout routine to get best results
  3. Not to be used by anyone under 18 years of age

Where To Buy this Muscle Building Formula?

You can purchase Xtreme Muscle Recovery at its official website. it is not available at stores, make a deal online.